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40 Belvedere Street
San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone: (415) 459-7311
Fax: (415) 459-4038

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United States Junior Cricket
40 Belvedere Street, Suite 2, San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone: (415) 459-7311, Fax: (415) 459-4038
Email: mike@usjuniorcricket.org

Join the United States Junior Cricket family!

United States Junior Cricket is a Non Profit membership organization whose goal is to bring the opportunity to learn and play cricket to all young Americans.

A free membership is open to everyone and you receive the following.:

1)  Your personal membership card.

 2)  E-mail delivery of the “Junior Cricketer” newsletter quarterly.

A Gold membership will help us to achieve the goal of teaching cricket across the US and gives you as well as (the membership card and newsletter) the following membership benefits.

3) Excess playing accident medical insurance of $25,000.

4) Liability insurance for injury or damage caused during organized play or practice.

5) Introduction to the nearest junior cricket program.

6) Discounts on all USJC publications and merchandise.

7) Proof of age and eligibility for all USJC tournaments and sponsored events.

The Gold Membership fee is $30.00 per annum. Adult paid members or registered parents or guardians of paid junior members are eligible to vote in the Annual General Meeting, or any general ballot.

Use this button to sign up for the USJC Gold membership. Be sure to print out the membership form below to get your membership card. This membership will automatically renew for you each year as long as your credit card details remain valid, if you use this method.  

Link to Membership Form PDF format

Or sign up online for your FREE United States Junior Cricket Membership

 First Name: Last Name:
 City:              State:   Zip:
 Phone:           D.O.B : 
 Local Junior Program:  
 Parent / Guardian  First Name/ Last Name:
 Parent / Guardian Email:
 Tell us about yourself ,  What type of player are you , Batsman , Bowler, How you
 got started playing cricket, do you play organized cricket already, and any thing
 else you would like to share about your cricket experience.


A Federal 501 (c) 3 Corporation, EIN # 31-1669726