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Featuring news of junior programs affiliated with USJC.

Hartford, Connecticut - West Indian Foundation - Junior Cricket Program:

In our last edition, we mentioned that Malcolm Nash would be attending an inaugural planning meeting in Hartford to discuss a presentation to the Hartford Public Schools System for an in-school cricket program. Under the careful direction of Keith Carr, Executive Director of the Foundation, an Advisory Committee has now been formed and plans are under way to present the program to teachers at upcoming 'in service' days. Keith writes: "Your [Malcolm's] visit here gave us the boost necessary to take our Junior Program a step forward." Malcolm will probably be back in Hartford this spring. According to Keith, several district schools have already secured cricket kit and are anxious to get their programs under way!

For more information contact westindian@snet.net or call 860 241 0379

Utah Cricket Association:

Steve Hooper or "Hoop" as he likes to be called is the President of the newly formed Utah Cricket Association. According to Hoop, " Our goals are three fold, first, we want to utilize the Kanga, or KWIK Cricket youth sets to introduce the sport to elementary school age children. Secondly, we are going to spring board off the school program interest to create a little league with several teams to start. Third, look to obtain sponsorship to afford a fixed site for an academy where year around training, clinics, and games can be played. All this then needs to be expanded each year by moving the school program into the middle and high schools levels while working with county and cities recreation departments to build several cricket venues amid the current soccer/football fields."


Congratulation to Hoop and the Utah Cricket Association! So far the first part of their three-step plan has seen great success. "There has not been one PE instructor from the schools say-were not interested, or this is really not for our kids. In fact, the response has been more than what I can handle!" says Hoop. Jeremy Neville is one of the association's volunteers who coach the kids. Jeremy says he's seen Cricket before and always wanted to learn more about it. When Hoop asked him to be a volunteer he didn't hesitate. He thinks Cricket has a lot to offer the youth especially the way many sports have evolved such a "win at all cost" attitude. Jeremy also said "I couldn't get over how much fun the kids had when we showed them the game. These kids just love it, when it's over they are always asking the teachers when can they do it again."

For more information contact: Steven Hooper at utahcricket@networld.com  or 860 241 0379


Kansas Cricket Association



 Hot Shot Cricket program  HotShotCricket.com
One of the newest junior programs in the country is also one of the fastest growing. Organized by a dynamic and energetic Australian, Edward Fox , the Hot Shot Cricket program has gone from nothing to over 7000 children in Wichita KS area schools having learnt about cricket in under 2 years. A Cricket little league is active and growing and Hot Shot Cricket is spreading around the country.  KCA owes a lot of people for getting the start it did.  Hoop and Dan as well as Mike and Malcolm are but a few of the many, Thanks. Moving the kids from the softer ball version of Cricket to regular junior Cricket has proved to be easier then expected . The KCA's junior U13 team , having taken part in a series of matches with Colorado Junior Cricket in CO, with CJC winning 2 games to 1. The games were played in the true spirit of Cricket and CJC were great hosts. Fresh from that several players were selected to go to the USJC Jamboree in Van Nuys California . The Kansas Cricket Associations Jr team is always looking for teams to play , please contact them if you would like to arrange a match. Call  Edward Fox  620.584.6555


Colorado Junior Cricket:

Colorado Junior Cricket uses the winter break to publish their first newsletter and add to their first class web site. Visit them there for the latest on cricket in the high country!

For information contact Dan Ruparel at: 303 290 0159 or Email Him